HCSI provides a suite of Fractional Board and Executive Level Consulting.

We are the One-Stop-Shop for equipping generations of decision makers for invigorated growth, empowered performance, and enduring legacy.

How We Work: Business VIGOR for Growth™

We tailor an internally-coordinated team of integrated executive & board-level Fractional Consultants with a suite of cross-functional Business VIGOR for Growth™ expertise:

  • Purpose of Ownership

  • Vision

  • Mission

  • Core Values


  • Business Plan


  • Legacy Planning

  • CIO Advisory

  • Ideation

  • Business Model Innovation

  • Commercial ization

  • Internal Startup


  • Market Rebrand

  • Family Office

  • Shareholder Governance

  • Board of Governance

    Board of Directors

    Board of Advisers

    Board of Managers

    Executive Board

  • Board Succession

  • Executive Succession

  • Human Capital Strategy

  • Executive Recruitment

  • Organization Development

  • Executive Coaching

  • HR Business Partnership

  • Transform Culture

  • CFO Advisory

  • Shareholder Value Optimization

  • Corporate Finance

  • Stock Incentive Plan

  • M&A

  • Exit Strategy

How Can we Invigorate Your Business for Growth?

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